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This ancient art form, Landscape Garden Design, is the first, the oldest and the highest of all arts. Indeed, all arts, even music with its harmonic proportions are derived from Landscape Garden Design. If science is the study of nature, the Landscape Garden Design is truly the art of Nature. Our purpose as designers is to finish what nature has started in order to provide for man’s physical needs. This purpose, combined with the aesthetic principles of design, (the stimulation of the five senses) is the origin of the concept of beauty.

Through science, by mastering an understanding of the laws of nature and the nature of man and combining these laws with beauty, we begin to create a paradise in which to live. As designers, we integrate the planning process (bringing future events into the present for action now) with aesthetics offer true creativity while meeting the client’s needs to create an enduring work of art..

From the original Garden of Eden and steeped in the rich tradition of Chinese and Japanese landscape garden design, we continue in the lasting heritage of great city builders and garden builders of the past

Each garden utilizes stone, water and plants. The arrangement of these materials are then integrated with the site and the client’s needs so that the garden’s components work together. The geometry of the garden’s exact proportions, the engineered function of each aspect and the beauty of its aesthetic nature offer true value, real worth and real choice of enduring quality.

Gjen-tara | Landscape Garden Design

The Art of Nature. The Life of Man.