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Design – “Design is a process of discovery”
Dan Kiley

Design, as life itself is a process and therefore is not static, but moving. It is not a noun or a “thing”. It is a verb, it is alive! “The most important aspect of design is the energy of life itself.”

Every design, even the most surprising one, is borrowed from things already achieved by the forces of nature. The idea of discovering implies it is already there for us to discover. Humbly sought after, our prerequisite humility draws in this purity. All that is on earth has been fashioned beforehand in an even more beautiful and more perfect way. Every good thing that takes place in our world, even the skill of craftsmen, the creations of the artists, etc., is only drawn from the preceding activities of these forces of nature. There are so many more, such beautiful things for us to draw upon, in order to what would seem, to transfer them here to earth! They are models for us. To work hand in hand and without presumption, so that in complete harmony with nature, we jubilantly and gratefully praise the Wisdom and Love of our Creator!

The entire knowledge of Creation is necessary in order to arrive at even a faint idea of how great this energy of life really is.

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The Art of Nature. The Life of Man.