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Organic Architecture

“The original promulgator of an organic architecture, you can say with truth was that carpenter back there in Nazareth. The carpenter in those days was an architect, wasn’t he? Jesus was an architect, I believe, the Master Builder.

Frank Lloyd Wright. June 4th, 1950

Mr. Wright defined architecture as “the life of man”. He went on to quote Coleridge to say that “such as the life is, such is the form”. And therein we have an explanation for all the various styles and forms of buildings. They were all an expression of the minds and life of the people that build them and lived in them. So how should we think and live in order to produce a beautiful life?

In seeing a thing as part of a whole, we see that a building does not consist in the roof and the walls but in the space within to be lived. This ‘space within’ also is the soul of the people living in the building. Freedom and sovereignty for all is the new architecture, it is what is new in our life today. A people with a soul, a life with a soul, a building with a soul, and architecture with a soul: organic architecture.

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The Art of Nature. The Life of Man.