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Urban Planning

An integrated approach where Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban and Regional planning are considered as one.

To begin with it is not my intention to reinvent the wheel or to attempt to create a facsimile of some natural design seen in nature. Rather it is more like an archeological dig, discovering some ancient landscape and civilization.

Our best thinking got us here

“As things accelerate in this changing world, these changes that occur so silently and tremendously throughout the life of humanity all have to be met with a new philosophy. We are without a philosophy now to meet these changes which are inevitable and occurring everywhere. And it is from architecture that the philosophy must come…the architect is the agent who can, with a little prophecy and more work, awaken this nation to what it really is headed for.”

Frank Lloyd Wright June 14, 1953

The Architecture of the Human Spirit

Frank Lloyd Wright called architecture the Life of Man and if the life or essence of a person is their spirit, then truthfully architecture is of the human spirit. The individual spirit (architecture), the spirit of the landscape (landscape architecture) and the collective spirits of humans and nature (urban and regional planning), all share a common nature by design. This common nature is integral and is precisely what any planning must first understand. Beauty is the object of it all. Beauty is a condition of the human spirit and is the highest form of morality. Man must have a sense of beauty and grace in all that he does. Then, with this eye of beauty, let us consider what it is that we consider!

Planning - not a city but a concept

“To begin with, a general outline of any IDEAL is better than a specific plan model of any particular feature. An IDEAL from the heart once clearly fixed in the mind…and the plan…will…come naturally enough.

Frank Lloyd Wright, When Democracy Builds
Intention, restore, innovate, understand and responsibility

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The Art of Nature. The Life of Man.