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The arrangement of the materials is integrated with the site and the clients’ needs so that the garden’s components work together. Just as the garden’s components work together through design and understanding, Gjen-Tara works together with their clients through trust. In this relationship, clients have the assurance that they receive the best value. “High priced mediators”, “supervisors” and “middlemen” have all been eliminated. In the design/build approach we are working directly with our clients. Working together are machine operators, shippers, suppliers, artisans, craftsmen, controllers and designers and a management team that really clears the way for the project to be completed. With our clients we form a true partnership for the duration of the project.

As Gjen-Tara stands seriously committed as a company, client integrity is essential as well. Although money is surely necessary, it is not the only qualification of a client. Understanding that beauty is not determined arbitrarily, Gjen-Tara and their clients possess a true appreciation of art and an understanding of each other’s capabilities. This unique alliance cultivates within each commission a genuine pleasure that is all too rare in the building and design industry today.

Being integrally involved with the project from its inception to its completion, Gjen-Tara performs the design and the construction on every project. This further ensures that obstacles and problems are eliminated. Instead it opens the project up to receive new ideas which are generated from this creative, spontaneous approach.


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