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the measurement of the earth

“There is an Angel for every living thing”
Saint Francis

Originally human beings lived in perfect harmony with nature and God. Of their own accord they were honest and true. The Earth itself gave all things spontaneously. All that life required was provided unasked and in abundance. The reason for this was that people of that time were not ruled by other men, but being guided by their own intuition, they lived in harmony with the natural environment and the “Forces of Nature” that animate it.

This was the style of the golden age, when Adam and Eve lived in the paradise garden for which they were designed, intimate with vital spirit of the earth. They and the earth were sacred because they were ruled by spirit, by the creative power of the universe, manifest in all phenomena of nature.

Why attempt to construct a facsimile of the Garden of Eden, a model paradise, when the real one is still present? Loss of contact with our own spirit, due to the suppression of the human intuition, which forms a bridge or connector between the body and the spirit, caused in turn a loss of abilities which were a condition only of the human spirit. Our spirit was able to be aware of and commune with God and other beings which God created along with humans. These created beings are: the divine beings, the angels and elemental beings. They were designed to run the mechanics of creation and they do!

So loss of contact with these friends and helpers removes from life its deepest reality and certainty and frustrates human nature as well as God’s creation. Paradise was not lost, human beings were lost. Lost from their spirit and thus the awareness that that spirit provided!

But the perception of the geomancer is that of an earlier age where the earth “spirits” were the ruling factor in life. It is his responsibility to ensure that no changes are made to the shape and appearance of the landscape that might disturb locally the flow of the earth’s vital energy.

The field of terrestrial magnetism, like the energy field of a plant or animal, exists only by association with a living body; a stream with its source, a plant with the soil, human being’s body with their spirit. As traditional Chinese medicine by acupuncture treats the human body by regulating currents of vital energy that flow through the skin, so the geomancer treats the body of the earth.

The laws of dynamics and aesthetics are united by the one cannon that serves both, resulting in a landscape delightful to the eye of the poet and philosopher and best disposed to fulfill the practical requirements of people.

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