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Organics and the organic process

Authentic, true organic development and growing applies to any system or group of parts which acts as an organism with organs. For instance, within the organism of the human body, the cells of each of our organs communicate via an intricate communication system of neurons, peptides and carbon antennae. When our own body is in true balance, each cell of every organ knows what every other cell in the body is doing. The organs respond to each other in a working balance and harmony, resulting in a steady-state condition we call an organism - our human body.

Unfortunately, as with many things, bureaucrats, some well-meaning and others not, have pirated and clouded the public’s perception of and the crystal-clear meaning of the word “organic”. We leave them and their pied-piper herd to their self-chosen destinies. The true pioneers, however, pursue our course unswervingly and preserve the gem that is the Truth, and provide it for all who are pure of heart and ready for reaping Truth’s real wealth.

True organic architecture is an organism with all elements interacting with the community, the environment and the individuals within and around all elements. Organic architecture elicits the innate creative genius implanted within each one of us, and this inherent brilliance then responds and gives back greatly magnified to the community, environment, and individuals and to all elements.

For soils, plants and the project’s environmental ecosystem, Gjen-Tara uses the Green Gold Naturals program, Biosphere Energetics (a.k.a. Biosphere Integrated Growing). The power of the system comes from understanding the principles of how your soil arrived at its present state, from its origin within the Universe as a time-space simplicity, to hot gases cooling into the third planet in our solar system, to water arriving and creating the wonderful blue, green & white Biosphere and finally to the unique soil evolution which is now your home, garden and landscape.

Green Gold has mastered the ability of helping your plants and soil to unlock their latent energy so they can in turn get access to the Natural forces of the environment. For instance, the air is 78% nitrogen along with other gases. Additionally, the sun and our expansive universe give us unending sources of various ions and photons. Green Gold helps your garden and landscape access this nitrogen and other resources, bringing out the unlimited energy within each and every cell and atom.

Using these principles of soil evolution and development, Gjen-Tara creates your own personal environment and ecosystem. Gjen-Tara and Green Gold personnel team up to test your soil, plants and environment. We then balance your soil, plants and environment, minerally, biologically and energetically using a complex, yet simple natural system of biologically and energetically-activated vitamins, nutrients, minerals and herbs. Next, our staff selects the right combination of plants, grasses, trees and shrubs that are compatible with your soil and its continuing evolution. These are planted; root fed, and sprayed with GGNATURALS CERTIFIED liquids, which establish powerful root mass, luxuriant plant growth, vibrant plant & soil health and a vigorous cellular strength.

Gjen-Tara sets you up with your own custom soil and plant program. We assist you in creating your site’s own biosphere and environmental ecosystem. You and your home are connected with the Earth’s biosphere so that you enjoy the Feng Shui energy, biodiversity and health to experience the empowering of our planet.

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