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"The suffering of one man is the suffering of all men. If not stopped, evil eventually reaches out to engulf all men, whether they opposed it or are ignorant of it."

In my Vision Statement I have said ...we must not be satisfied to be free ourselves, but we must free all else around us. So when I started out on our Los Lumen project of building a sovereign city for two million citizens based on Allodial Titled Land ownership and the principles of organic architecture, I immediately recognized that the American Indians had just that, sovereignty, 60,000 acres of land with the best water, soils and wind on it and they actually owned their own land including the mineral rights. On top of that they still had in their culture a respect for Nature and one another. It seemed that we had a similar desire and perhaps joining together might be mutually beneficial to us both.

Russell Means has restated that the Lakota Nation is sovereign and their intention is to rebuild their nation. The establishment of and total emersion in; a Lakota Education, by the Lakota people, to ensure the continuation of their language and culture is essential as well as sustainable villages for all their people. So our project is: to assist in the development of an indigenous Lakota architecture and villages that reflects their spirit and provide for their own continued survival.

This is the great task not only of the American Indians but of all indigenous people in the world, our own nation as well. So Gjen-Tara's mission of ennobling the human spirit is committed to the task of ensuring the sovereign right to continued existence.

We have similar project of interest for the Nakhi people in Li Jiang, Yunnan province, China and in the Hawaiian people in Oahu, Hawaii as well as a proto-type in the U.S.A.
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