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“It is imperative to seek perfection”

As all things that we may create physically are a reflection of our intentions, we look to the highest good possible as a goal to attain.

Endeavoring to create an environment conducive to the full development of Man, Gjen-Tara sees the existing natural landscape as virtually a sacred space. Created long ago in a nearly perfect state, often all that is necessary is to make minor adjustments here and there, to clean up or to repair a damaged area. “I see the natural geometry of the site and it is as if the natural landscape tells us “where things should go”. People’s needs then determine “what” goes there.”

From a simple hour of consultation to several years of time, Gjen-Tara has the capability to build any size project. The scope of work is infinitely adjustable to the site and the client’s needs and therefore the diversity that is necessary, accommodates a “whatever it takes attitude”; be it the installation of a small garden feature or the creation of new Nation!

Each project is really about relationships. Relationships of our clients, relationships of the people supplying and building the project, relationships of the surrounding community and even the relationships we will all have with nature. As with all relationships, Gjen-Tara seeks to provide the emotional maturity necessary to bring each project to fruition.





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